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Solidarity against violence

After the terrorist attack in Paris on November 13th 2015, a lot of celebrities mourned with French people.

Many world famous stars decided to pay tribute to the victims and their families, in their own way:

- Messages on social network (like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram): #Pray For Paris #Peace #Unity #Love,

- Sharing out pictures of the Eiffel Tower, of Paris ( like drawings and photos),

- musical tributes, like the concert goven by Johny Hallyday,

- Collective praying and minutes of silence... as Justin Bieber did with a short prayer with his fans.

Madonna even cried after her minutes of silence, as she was shocked and affected by the violent attack. She sang a French popular song "La Vie en Rose" of Edith Piaf to express solidarity.

It doesn't matter if the stars were French or not. Some people weren't convinced by all the types of tribute. Personally, I found them sincere, deep and moving.


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