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Languages' Day

On October 20th, 2015, at Acajou 1 High School, there was a languages’ -English, Portuguese, Spanish and Creole- day from two o’clock to four o’clock in the afternoon.

During that afternoon, we took part in different activities with various teachers. The activities were composed of games, quizzes or others.

But the activity which attracted a lot of people was the Portuguese stand because there were two dances: capoeira and samba performed by a trio: two men and one woman.

They had also displayed different Brazilian costumes with accessories on a table.

After their show, the pupils were invited to dance with them in battles or duos.

We, the European Section students, have above all created lots of posters to present Languages’ Day.

There was a treasure hunt in English with a teacher and singing with cups based on a video clip. The cup song stand was very popular too.

On that afternoon, we learnt about languages, customs and traditions.


European Section seconde 2015-2016

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Languages'day in Acajou 1 was a very good Idea ! We learnt several things about different languages or cultures. Thanks to all the teachers who contributed to the realization of this project!
I'm glad you liked the event. We'll try and and organise another Languages' Day next year. I count on everyone to come up with interesting ideas!