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European Section

European Section

L'actualité du Lycée Acajou 1 What's going on in Acajou 1

Who are we?

Hello everyone,

I’m Steeve, a student of Acajou 1 European Section. I’m going to introduce my other classmates to you. We are nine students in my class (Première):

Maika, Malika, Sanaelle, Kinane, Kelydiane, Linsay, Loïck, Elodie and I

I also want t to tell you about our project. We are planning to go on a school trip to London in 2017. We have thus got involved in good deeds to balance the budget. We use different ways to collect and realize the project. The first fundraising we organised took place on November 14, 2015. Every student had to come to school with a cake and sell it.

Moreover, we have had to sell the pens that Mrs Bazin, our English teacher, gave us. We organised a mini Christmas market as well to make sure that everyone would get involved. We’ll probably have other types of fundraising.

We are getting ready to sing like the man who crooned “London is the place for me, London this lovely city...” Do you know who that singer was?

I have just mentioned various types of fundraising. If you want to support us, log onto


and do not hesitate to contribute!

Thank you for your support

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