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L'actualité du Lycée Acajou 1 What's going on in Acajou 1

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  • Cultural immersion

    25 février 2017

    Immediate boarding for cultural immersion at the British Museum Greek utensil South African art at the British Museum Street scene Theatreland

  • Let's hear a play !

    27 février 2017

    Globe Theatre (miniature) Preparing the setting for a play Oh how interesting ! Can you see anything special ? (Tree in Hyde Park)

  • It’s time…

    27 février 2017

    Time for tea (Inside the Cutty Sark at Greenwich) Clock invented to measure longitude ( Greenwich Royal Observatory) It’s time for our last dinner (Pub : King’s Head in Bayswater)

  • Tour of London

    21 février 2017

    Admiring The Shard but it's really too cold for tropical birds ! We're lunching in the rain, We're lunching in the rain 🎵 Do you recognise this figure ? You surely know him

  • From Green to Brick Red

    24 février 2017

    Where does it lead ? Who or what are they waiting for ? Street Art in East End London

  • London: Past and Future

    22 février 2017

    Her Majesty's new secret agents... at the Temple Is it a new kind of dance ? What a nice view !

  • London Trip Febuary 19th 2017

    21 février 2017

    Arrival at Orly Sud. Where is the baggage ? We're getting stressed... Gare du Nord. To Wait or not to wait at the bottom of the stairs ? That is the question. We've finally arrived. One last effort to get up the stairs with all the bags.

  • It's getting hot, hot, and hot!

    30 janvier 2016

    Global warming has become such a serious issue these days that French President, François Hollande, organised a meeting in December 2015 in Paris with world leaders to find a solution to climate change. The meeting was called “COP 21”. By the way, do...

  • Terrorist attack impact

    30 janvier 2016

    On November 13th, 2015, the Islamist group “Daech” organised several terrorist attacks in Paris which shook France and whole world. In the wake of this murderous carnage, many personalities intervened on social networks to show their solidarity with Paris...

  • Solidarity against violence

    30 janvier 2016

    After the terrorist attack in Paris on November 13th 2015, a lot of celebrities mourned with French people. Many world famous stars decided to pay tribute to the victims and their families, in their own way: - Messages on social network (like Facebook,...

  • Languages' Day

    30 janvier 2016

    On October 20th, 2015, at Acajou 1 High School, there was a languages’ -English, Portuguese, Spanish and Creole- day from two o’clock to four o’clock in the afternoon. During that afternoon, we took part in different activities with various teachers....

  • Who are we?

    30 janvier 2016

    Hello everyone, I’m Steeve, a student of Acajou 1 European Section. I’m going to introduce my other classmates to you. We are nine students in my class (Première): Maika, Malika, Sanaelle, Kinane, Kelydiane, Linsay, Loïck, Elodie and I I also want t to...

  • It was time to share!

    31 mars 2017

    Samedi 25 mars, les élèves étaient fiers de partager leurs connaissances avec leurs parents et les autres convives présents lors du moment de partage au lycée. Entre rires, anecdotes, et témoignages, ce fut très agréable. Merci aux convives et bravo aux...

  • La Section Européenne se lance!

    30 janvier 2016

    Parce qu'il faut bien vivre avec son temps, la Section Européenne du Lycée Acajou 1 a décidé de créer un blog et de partager l'actualité de la Section. Nous espérons que vous n'hésiterez pas à laisser des commentaires!