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European Section

European Section

L'actualité du Lycée Acajou 1 What's going on in Acajou 1

It’s time…

 It’s time…

Time for tea (Inside the Cutty Sark at Greenwich)

 It’s time…

Clock invented to measure longitude ( Greenwich Royal Observatory)

 It’s time…
 It’s time…

It’s time for our last dinner (Pub : King’s Head in Bayswater)

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C. Sibado 09/03/2017 04:47

Yummy ! I love fish an chips.

Kyricka 30/03/2017 19:44

The fish and chips were one of the meals we had at a pub while in London. The fries were freshly served, hot with a bit of salad and of course the fish; a bit unseasoned.

MarineEuropeanSection 14/03/2017 00:31

Me too! ^^
I enjoyed it so much,it was really tasty .
Thank you for your support and your comment.

Miss De La Réberdiere 02/03/2017 21:25

those picures are wonderful, for sure they add up to a meaningful journey !

Monique 02/04/2017 22:12

Yes, you are completely right! This journey is and will remain unforgettable for each of us.^^